Meet Miss Linden!

Miss Stephanie Linden

Early Learning Program – 3 Year Old Teacher


Coventry, RI



BA in Elementary Education from URI and a double major in Sociology


Favorite Books

The Bible, Historical Fiction, and informational books about countries


Favorite Movies

Any Movie with Superheroes!!!


Person I can relate most to in the Bible



Top Three Strengths

  1. I have almost photographic short term memory.
  2. I am loyal. 
  3. I love working with children.





Lofty Aspiration

Visit every state


Favorite Places to Visit



Favorite Restaurants

(Quick Service): Chick-fil-A

(Family):  Not Your Average Joe’s


Favorite Things to Do

Hang with friends and do crafts


Favorite place I have traveled

The mountains in New Hamphsire


Favorite Season



Book I’ve read over and over

The Shadow Children’s Series by Margaret Peterson


Last meal on earth

Grilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce and Grilled Vegetables


Favorite Place to Go

My Friend’s House